TAMCの紹介 英語版

Greetings from the President
Masayoshi Tsuchiya, 22st President of TAMC since 2023

Dear Magicians and aspiring magicians,

Welcome to the homepage of the Tokyo Amateur Magicians Club. We designed this page to open our club to friends old and new from around the globe.

TAMC was established in 1933 and is the oldest magicians club in Japan. We presently have about 70 regular members who are all amateur magic enthusiasts. A few of our members have had the opportunities to meet magicians from around the world at magic conventions and meetings and we have all been eagerly following the international development of magic over the decades through books, magazines, and videos.

We would very much like to have contact and exchanges with other amateur magicians from outside of Japan. If you are visiting Tokyo, please come and join one of our regular meetings. Or, if you would like to correspond with us, please send us an email to the address below “Contact US”

The Club Name

  Tokyo Amateur Magicians Club    Abbreviation:TAMC



Founded in 1933

The creator of the mark at the time of its founding was Mr. Taneyoshi Sakamoto, a member at the time of its founding, who designed the Japanese fan, which was often used for magic, as a “shape seen from the tip”. After that, he changed the Roman alphabet to a plain mark while keeping the design.

The Goal

To promote mutual friendship among members through the hobby of magic and to study the technique.(Article 3 of the Constitution)

The Organization

The President

   Tsuchiya, Masayoshi

The Vice-president


   Hatta, Shinji(International Relations and 90th Anniversary Business Preparation Charge)

The Secretary General

   Kajita, Akihiro

The Committee

   90th Anniversary Business Preparation Committee

   General Affairs Committee

   Event committee

   Accounting committee

   Presentation Committee

   Training Planning Steering Committee

   Information Technology Committee

   Volunteer Committee

about Member

Number of Members on January 1,2022


Average Age on January 1,2022

    69.4 years old 

Contact US

Our dream is to establish close relationships with magicians, magic clubs and organizations around the world. We hope to be able to exchange valuable information and to meet other magicians when we visit other countries and when they come to Japan.

Vice President, International Relations (Shinji Hatta:Overseas Charge)

E-mail: info-en@tamc.site